Workshop: Keeping creativity on track with agile

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Creativity is strongly correlated with superior business performance, but there is often little time put aside for creativity and innovation in daily work practices. In fact, a global study by Adobe found that only 25% of people believe they are living up to their potential to be creative.

But why? Although creativity can drive economic growth, productivity is often a priority for businesses.

With only 1 in 4 people feeling they are living up to their creative potential and with pressures to increase productivity, the risk of even less time and space allocated for creativity is high.

Creativity links to art, entrepreneurship, overcoming obstacles and breaking free from constraints, but it also links to productivity because teams perform better when creativity is encouraged. There is no need to choose between creativity and productivity, you can inspire both.

The first step in creativity is to express ideas. When you bring ideas to life, you experience firsthand how the ability to create is limitless. Encouraging creativity promotes working without boundaries.

In his workshop for Bath Digital Festival, Mind Map Pro’s CEO, Rich Hill will teach attendees how to combine creativity with productivity using Mind Map Pro’s integrated agile task manager.

The workshop, Keeping creativity on track with agile, takes place on Tuesday 23rd October 2018 between 2pm-3:30pm, as part of Bath Digital Festival’s week of digital events.

Taking a practical look at how to achieve both creativity and productivity, attendees will go through the stages of keeping big ideas on track using agile methodology.

It will be a hands-on, step-by-step process of working with agile for your next project, including the tools for success, covering:

  • Creative idea generation
  • Turning bright ideas into reality
  • Distributing work across teams fairly
  • Sprints, tasks and staying on track
  • Adaptation and iteration using agile

We invite you to take part in the workshop and combine creativity with productive task management.

All you need to do is buy a festival pass on Bath Digital Festival’s website and bring along a laptop to take part. Either MacOS or Windows will work, and for the best experience use a modern Internet browser such as Chrome.

Read more about turning creativity into reality and what everyone is saying about productivity or learn about the agile task manager.

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