Features Overview

Learn How Mind Map Pro Can Accelerate Your Productivity Workflows

Mind Mapping

Even the greatest explorers who were about to change history didn’t know what they were going to find on their voyages. Who knows what you could achieve unless you explore? Try advanced mind mapping to explore your ideas.

Project Management

Ideas don’t become a reality unless you put in the work. Create a plan of action with the agile task manager, assign tasks to team members and watch as the tasks visually progress across the board.

Teams & Chat

Mind Map Pro is the perfect tool for improving collaborative thinking, project development, communication and task management.

SWOT Analysis

What makes your project strong? Which opportunities should you prioritise? Are there weaknesses that you need to be aware of, or threats that you should mitigate? SWOT analysis involves an assessment of how internal and external factors can impact on business.

WordPress Plugin

We’ve created a plugin to connect some of Mind Map Pro’s key features with WordPress, making sitemaps visual and task management simple.

Slack Integration

Bring discussions from Mind Map Pro into your Slack workspace. Our easy integration allows you to connect both tools, meaning you can access comments and tasks across either platform.

Export & Integrations

Sometimes you’ll want to take the work you’ve done in Mind Map Pro and export it to another format, which we support with a selection of options.

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