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Mind Map Pro helps businesses structure and streamline their processes, unlocking the potential to boost productivity by up to 30%.

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Streamline Your Business With Mind Map Pro

Whether you are trying to streamline your business processes, define a business roadmap, plan projects, task management, manage meetings or simply enhance team collaboration – Mind Map Pro is an outstanding solution to facilitate these activities.

Mind Map Pro is a highly intuitive online tool designed to help businesses both visualise and manage their operations efficiently.  Our solution utilises a unique blend of mind mapping and task management techniques to deliver highly intuitive workflows that are easy to use, scalable and non-constraining.

Choosing the right solution to facilitate your business is important. Please take a few moments to read through the benefits, use cases and case studies presented on this page, because it highlights how our task management system can unlock value for your business.

If you’d like any further information, scroll to the bottom for the answers to some key FAQs!

The Benefits

Mind Mapping & Task Management Tools For Your Business

Mind Map Pro is a scalable solution that is designed for small, medium, and large businesses. It includes a range of design and task management tools specifically targeted at project managers and business users, enabling them to become more productive.  Some of the benefits businesses receive using our task management software are summarised below:

Mind mapping for business integrated with Kanban boards

Outcome-based Project Management

Outcome-based project management is a methodology for managing projects that focus on business goals and strategic vision to define key deliverables and milestones.  Mind Map Pro provides an intuitive workflow for project managers, allowing them to easily adopt this approach.  The process begins with defining the strategic vision by brainstorming and capturing business goals using the mind map tool.  Next, each goal is assessed and broken down into deliverables, then analysed using the SWOT tool to determine business value and overall priority.  Finally, tasks are defined for each deliverable, then scheduled and assigned to team members using the task management tool.  This process improves team management and ensures everyone is focused on the right tasks to deliver business goals.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a technique that identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It helps teams understand what is required in order to achieve business goals.  Mind Map Pro introduces a unique approach to undertaking a SWOT analysis.  The process begins with the team using the mind mapping tool to define what they do well, understand where they are lacking, discover new opportunities and identify potential risks.  The process of brainstorming will result in a mind map containing lots of ideas and initiatives.  The SWOT tool is used to assess each idea and determine if it is a strength, weakness, opportunity or threat.  Finally, ideas are scored in terms of importance and business value.  The results are presented within a 3D SWOT chart that can be reviewed and interrogated with ease. The task management tool can optionally be used to manage tasks that have been identified.

Miind mapping for business integrated with SWOT analysis
Mind mapping for business integrated with team chat

Real-time Team Collaboration

Mind Map Pro supports real-time team collaboration out of the box.  This provides the ability for project teams to share, edit and discuss files in real time, which means that everyone can work simultaneously.  Real-time updates significantly improve communication within distributed teams, ensuring everyone is seeing the same view and is therefore able to discuss and collaborate effectively during remote meetings.  Mind Map Pro allows teams to communicate quickly and efficiently by providing instant updates, visual confirmation, and no confusion.  Furthermore, the integrated instant messaging tool enables teams to discuss mind map ideas and task related topics in context, making it easy to recall information from past discussions.  

Professionally Crafted Business

Business templates are an excellent way to ensure that your company, employees and projects are organised and follow standardised industry-proven processes and procedures.  We understand that creating processes and procedures requires significant research and effort to complete.  This is why at mind map pro, we have enlisted subject matter experts to collaborate with us to create a suite of templates that incorporate significant value to accelerate your business.  Mind Map Pro business templates consist of industry specific mind maps, guidance text, supporting documents, workflows and predefined tasks.  Our templates deliver great value to small and medium businesses (SMEs), providing the necessary guidance and tools to undertake business efficiently.

Mind mapping for business using business templates
Business using mind mapping software

Less Content, More Context, Better Results!

It’s easy to get stuck in the technical details when writing a business strategy, making it challenging for a project manager to effectively communicate key points to the team. After all, we want something compelling so that everyone will rally behind the vision. 

The context (who, what, how, etc) behind any business strategy is critical, but it can easily become confusing if too much information is being presented.  So, it is important to expose your strategy to feed the needs of the individuals in your team(s).  Mind Map Pro helps you capture information efficiently and present the context of your strategy concisely!

Case Study: Ujima Radio

Ujima Radio Process Change
& Task Management

Ujima Radio is a leading community radio station in the Bristol region – providing news, debates and great music.  The Ujima management team engaged with Mind Map Pro to assist with their process change initiative.  The objectives were to capture their existing business processes and procedures, identify opportunities for improvement and facilitate the roll out of new initiatives to improve the performance and productivity of the company.

The Mind Map Pro software was the IT solution that underpinned the entire process change initiative.  The processes and procedures were quickly and accurately modelled using the mind mapping and document captured capabilities.  The team then proceeded to review and optimise processes to make them more efficient.  Furthermore, project management templates were created to facilitate workflows to add more structure. 

The result is Ujima Radio now have fully documented business workflows enabling them to onboard new team members with ease and manage their teams effectively.

“We were very impressed with how quickly our team was able to integrate Mind Map Pro into our daily workflows.  Our processes have been streamlined and are now fully managed using the online task management. We found this tool is easy to use allowing us to manage tasks efficiently – it has proven to be cost-effective!”

– Terrence Hook

Enhance business processes using mind map pro

Enhance Your Business Processes & Procedures

If you are looking for help capturing your business processes and adding structure to your organisation, then why not let the Mind Map Pro team assist.  We offer a variety of professional consultancy services to help businesses grow.

Use Cases

How Mind Map Pro Facilitates Business

Mind Map Pro is a great tool for supporting business workflows and coordinating activities.  Due to the flexibility of the software, there are numerous ways in which it can help businesses grow.  Examples uses have been provided below to illustrate how Mind Map Pro can benefit your business:

Planning & Task Management

Mind Map Pro is an excellent tool for planning and project management. The first step in project planning is understanding the project scope and objectives. A project manager can complete this activity quickly and easily using the collaborative visual mind mapping tool. Once you have a clear idea of what needs to be done, you can start assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and creating milestones using the integrated task management tool.

mind mapping business processes and procedures

Business Process Change 

The process change is a process of transforming the way a company does business. In order to successfully execute a process change, you need to have a transition plan and communicate it effectively, especially for employees. Mind Map Pro can facilitate process change initiatives by engaging teams to formally capture challenges and identify potential solutions using the mind mapping tool. Furthermore, mind mapping can be used to visually define the change management plan, making it easier for team members to interpret and follow. The integrated task management tool can be used to orchestrate the process change transition.

capturing project requirments using mind maps

Project Requirements Gathering

The design process starts with understanding the requirements of the system or product. Requirements gathering is an important part of the design process because it helps us understand what needs to be built, how it should work and ultimately, who will use it. Requirements gathering can take many forms, from interviews to questionnaires to market research. Mind Map Pro is an ideal tool for exploring design ideas and capturing requirements. Furthermore, the SWOT analysis tool can be used to facilitate the process of capturing requirements and ranking their importance.

Planning and task management

Processes & Procedures

Processes and Procedures are an important part of an organisation. Mind Map Pro is a great tool for defining clear guidelines for how things should be done and what to do in certain situations. The mind mapping tool can be used to create process models that represent the steps needed to be taken to complete a given process. The tasks required to complete each step are then defined within the task management tool and assigned to the team for completion.  Mind Map Pro is a great tool for enforcing processes and procedures.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is an important topic for any business. It ensures that the company is complying with all the necessary laws and regulations that apply to it. Internal audits are an important part of regulatory compliance and Mind Map Pro can facilitate this process. Mind mapping is used to identify all the areas/aspects that need to be covered by the audit. Whereas the task management tool is used to manage the tasks required to complete the audit. The end result is that potential risks can be identified and mitigated before they can cause any damage to the company.

Facilitating meetings using mind maps

Meeting Management

Meeting management is one of the most important aspects of any business. It is a way to keep everyone on the same page and make sure that tasks are completed in a timely manner. Mind Map Pro is a great tool for defining the meeting agenda, running a meeting, encouraging team participation, and capturing notes. The mind mapping tool can be used to support various scenarios, such as project meetings, customer meetings, or peer reviews. Meeting notes that require action can easily be added as a task and then assigned to the relevant team member using the task management tool. With Mind Map Pro, it is easier for teams to collaborate on projects together.

“Our software development team uses Mind Map Pro to plan, discuss and schedule tasks for implementation for a special project. The various visualizations of outstanding work has made it easy to see an overview of the project while the actual task management was adapted to quickly by the whole team.”

Leslie Gillotte, Pinpoint Works

“I am the CEO of a startup company. We are working on an innovative project that is going to change how the maritime world operates. With so many minds working on this, it’s tough to keep everyone organised and focused. That’s where Mind Map Pro has proven to be such a great tool for planning and project management!”

Vik Bharat, Vessconn Maritime

“I use Mind Map Pro for my project planning and project management. I’m not a designer, but I find that the interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The pre-loaded templates are also super useful for brainstorming ideas before diving into designing the final product. Mind Map Pro is one of the best tools in my arsenal and I love it!”

Rich Hill, Sunbreak

“We were very impressed with how quickly our team was able to integrate Mind Map Pro into our daily workflows.  Our processes have been streamlined and are now fully managed using the online task management.  We found this tool is easy to use and it has proven to be cost-effective.”

Terry Hook, Ujima Radio


Business Benefits

Businesses that integrate Mind Map Pro into their daily activities can expect a boost in productivity and enhanced team coordination.  Listed below are the key benefits that business users can expect to receive:

Assess business processes, ideas, opportunities using 3D mind maps
  • Clearly defined business processes and procedures
  • Workflow standardisation through the adoption of business templates
  • Efficient project management and task scheduling
  • Improved team collaboration 
  • Better communication and team engagement
  • Enhanced project planning
  • Better insight into resource utilisation & tracking
  • Ability to better define project scope and requirements
  • Better meeting management and minutes taking
  • Explore new business ideas without barriers
  • A happier, more motivated team
Start ups using mind mapping and task management

How Mind Map Pro Can Help Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur and are in the process of laying the foundations for your new business, then Mind Map Pro is an essential tool that you should consider adopting.  It will help you identify business priorities, coordinate tasks and structure your business efficiently.    

Mind Mapping & Task Management FAQs

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