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Ideas you can connect, export or download

Sometimes you’ll want to take the work you’ve done in Mind Map Pro and export it to another format, which we support with a selection of options.

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Easy Export

No friction, no need to repeat any work, just smart integrations and functions to provide you with access to your work through multiple platforms and formats. Mind Map Pro makes it easy to download work and continue working, without needing to re-do your work.


When you export from Mind Map Pro to MS Office documents, you are effectively downloading all of your ideas and notes from your mind map into another format. For example, if you export to PowerPoint, each idea in your mind map will start a new slide, and any notes or images that are saved into your notes section are included in those slides. Similarly, you can download tasks from your task board.

Capabilities . . .

Export Mind Map To Image

  • PNG

Export to Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Project

WordPress Plugin

  • Build, view and arrange visual sitemaps
  • Update content and featured images
  • Add tasks from the dashboard, or any post or page

Export Agile Task
Management Data

  • CSV

Slack Integration

  • Send and receive comments from Slack
  • Notifications for new tasks assignments
  • Access Mind Map Pro chat from Slack mobile app

Innovating & Integrating

We’re currently building more integrations, which will be rolled out in future releases – you can check back here for the latest updates.

Contact us if you would like to discuss a future integration.

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