Mind Map Pro 2.0 released

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New features rolled out in latest update

We’re celebrating the official release of Mind Map Pro 2.0!

After completing two stages of external testing, which included an interactive preview opportunity for everyone who is already using Mind Map Pro, we’ve now rolled out Mind Map Pro 2.0 and the latest update can be accessed online at mindmappro.com.

Read on for the full list of new features and updates to try out in Mind Map Pro 2.0:

Mind map

UI tweaks during idea generation and exploration

  • New screen layout when you work in the detailed view of an idea to add notes, tasks, media, data and charts, or connect from a CSV file or a Sub Doodle
  • Zoom in and out with a mouse scroll

More color options

  • Choose from a wider range of colors and shades for your ideas using our new color picker

Associative links

  • Create additional associative links between ideas with a simple drag and drop
  • Add contextual labels by double clicking
  • Delete associative links with a right click

Auto-resizing ideas

  • Idea boxes automatically extend in size as you type
  • You can also drag the corners of idea boxes to change the size manually

Agile task manager

Adding tasks

  • Add new tasks from detailed view within an idea
  • Add new tasks from agile board
  • Edit task name and add a detailed description
  • Categorize tasks by priority and type
  • Use the handy drop-down list to choose a team member and assign a task to them
  • Estimate duration of task and update with time remaining
  • Connect task with an idea in the mind map
  • Move tasks to another Doodle
  • Add media files to your tasks for inspiration, to prove a concept or share a real example
  • See history of task and progress
  • Search tasks using keywords
  • Backlog for unassigned tasks
  • Drag and drop board for moving tasks through stages of progress
  • Create sprints to focus work with clear aims

Sprints for productivity

  • Set dates for sprints
  • Order sprints based on priority, date or a custom filter
  • Customizable settings to change category names for progress status, priorities and task types
  • Customizable settings for colors
  • Download burndown chart to show workload with remaining or completed tasks

Data tables

Improvements for working with data

  • Redesigned and restructured data tab in detailed view
  • Inline data editing and adding
  • Tab between active editing cells
  • Adding and editing multiple rows of data at once
  • Improved date and time range filters
  • Enables rapid data entry
  • Clear layout that can show up to 100 rows of data per page

Export and import

Export mind map to image:

  • PNG

Export agile task management data:

  •  CSV

Import mind map from formats:

  • .mm
  • xmind


Choose from a selection of templates, which have been categorised into the following groups:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Personal
  • Sales and marketing
  • Software development

The final category is team templates

  • Replicate Doodles you have created as team templates


Mind Map Pro 2.0 has been built using React and Redux, a coding framework and library which provides:

  1. Incredibly fast processing for a speedy digital tool
  2. Top industry standards for development
  3. Real-time development updates using consistent data models
  4. Quicker routes to building desktop applications

In short, using this framework means that we’ve been able to create a fast, intelligent product that will help teams to generate, develop and discuss ideas collaboratively, whilst setting tasks to turn new ideas into a reality.

Pre-2.0 feature highlights

When you try out all of these great new features, don’t forget what else Mind Map Pro has to offer. Here’s a quick recap of some of the other features that were already been available before Mind Map Pro 2.0:

  • Creative mind mapping using the map view
  • Structured mind mapping using the tree view
  • 3D mind mapping using the 3D view
  • Real time updates for teams working collaboratively
  • Easy to use with a simple process to get started
  • Keyboard shortcuts to mind map without a mouse
  • Drag and drop background to move image around the canvas
  • Move ideas and change their relationships by dragging and dropping
  • Quick access to view recent Doodles or switch teams
  • Export your Doodle to an Office document
  • Choose between a public or private mind map
  • Enter detailed view to add depth to an idea
  • Store files and upload images to ideas in detailed view
  • Set an image as a featured image for it to appear in the mind map
  • Create your own custom data tables
  • Add data to tables within each idea in detailed view
  • Generate 3D charts using the data in your tables in detailed view
  • Upload data from CSV files into Mind Map Pro data tables
  • Chat live with team members
  • Edit, share, delete, pin comments and search chat
  • Share images, files and emojis in chat
  • Set user roles to control access rights and permissions

Coming soon

Still to come: 3D SWOT analysis

  • Assess the ideas in your project and organise them as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Create visual SWOT analysis charts in 3D
  • Assign tasks directly from the SWOT board to mitigate threats or capitalise on opportunities

Please send us your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Do you like a certain feature or can you think of a way to make the experience even better?

As this is a new update, we also invite you to tell us if you come across anything unusual; it could be that you’ve found a software bug. Once you make us aware of the issue, we will work behind the scenes to fix everything as quickly as possible.

Not sure where to start? Here are three new features to try first:

  1. Agile task manager
  2. Auto-resizing ideas
  3. Templates

Access Mind Map Pro 2.0 at mindmappro.com

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