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Mind Map Pro has been working with TEDxBristol to help share the powerful messages from the talks with a wider audiences. Our team recently attended the TEDxBristol wrap party, bringing our work with the organisers for this year’s event to a close.

From live mind mapping the talks to supporting the event through its Community Partnership Programme, it has been a delight to be involved with a daring event like TEDxBristol.

During the event, thousands of online visitors viewed the mind maps as we created them live, which was a huge success. The mind maps were created in real time as visual notes, and were extremely well received from remote viewers, speakers and event attendees alike.

Offered as a flexible source of information for online visitors to visually interpret key ideas and access quotes and facts mentioned during the talks, the mind maps will remain available as a lasting digital resource here.

To share the impact of our involvement with TEDxBristol, we’ve collected some comments and feedback from everyone involved. To kick things off, here are a few parting messages from some of the speakers:

“I’ve found your mind map to be a very useful tool for explaining to people what my talk was about and how I’d supported the argument with evidence.”
Clive Colledge, TEDxBristol 2017 speaker

“Thank you so much! It looks great!”
Antonia Forster, TEDxBristol 2017 speaker

“It was such a pleasure to have you guys supporting.”
David McGoran, TEDxBristol 2017 speaker

Working closely with the speakers and organisers was brilliant experience and they made becoming a partner of TEDxBristol a smooth and easy process. We are equally thrilled that Mind Map Pro was a key element to the success of TEDxBristol in their eyes too.

“It was such a treat to have you and your team working with us and huge appreciation for all that you contributed in all aspects. We had a fabulous time celebrating such a successful TEDXBristol 2017, of which Mind Map Pro was a key element.”
Halina Jaroszewska, TEDxBristol 2017 Partnership Team

We were also delighted with the positive feedback from attendees at the event, there were even queues forming at our stand with attendees waiting to learn more about the software:

“I am already using Mind Map Pro and I love it! I have been recommending it to everyone I’ve spoken with since TEDxBristol. Thank you for showing it to me, extremely helpful!”
Dominika Marszałek, TEDxBristol attendee

But it wasn’t just the people who saw the talks live that enjoyed the benefits of the mind maps. With thousands of people watching the mind maps develop remotely from different parts of the world, our online attendees were able to follow the talks in real time:

“What an excellent way to take conference notes!”
Eleni Lixourioti, online attendee

“Awesome, this is brilliant.”
Franziska Zuch, online attendee

On top of this, Mind Map Pro has been included in a range of key write-ups and blog posts after the event.

Noisy Little Monkey pinned Mind Map Pro as one of their favourite new discoveries:

“If you are like me and enjoy mind-mapping out ideas, Mind Map Pro is definitely one to play with. Whether brainstorming, event planning, or making notes on a talk, I will definitely be using this nifty platform in the future.”
Gertie Goddard, Noisy Little Monkey

Euella Jackson from Rife wrote about how a conversation with Mind Map Pro’s marketing manager, Tess Coughlan-Allen, which led her to wonder what she had that was worth saying and how she could change people’s lives, attitudes or perceptions.

Mind Map Pro was also lucky enough to be featured in the write-ups by TechSPARK and Bristol Business News. The move to support TEDxBristol follows Mind Map Pro’s push for better connectivity and increased collaboration to enhance the way the world thinks.

“Thinking is not necessarily a linear process. Similarly, the way that we absorb information varies and traditional methods of planning, thinking and working are out of date. By capturing the essence of the TEDx talks through mind mapping, we helped to widen the appeal and understanding of the talks.”
Tess Coughlan-Allen, Marketing Manager, Mind Map Pro

“We were able to provide thousands of people with visual access to the talks in real time. After looking at the data, we can see that we have enhanced the experience for attendees and for those following TEDxBristol worldwide.”
Paul Seed, CEO, Mind Map Pro

At the wrap party, we presented each speaker with a print of the mind map from their talk as a leaving gift and memento. So what better way to wrap up our coverage of TEDxBristol, than some photos of the speakers signing each other’s mind maps?

To create your own mind map, sign up for Mind Map Pro for free.

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