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Empowering teams to Make Ideas Happen

It’s time to admit it. Your team has been under-delivering. You’ve all been busy, yet nobody has been making the best use of their time. There is a lack of focus. There is a lack of clarity. Things have become a little… messy.

You rethink your short-term and long-term goals. The first thing you need to improve is the way your team works. Everyone is disconnected. That needs to change.

You find a new digital tool for real-time collaboration. There is live chat with Slack integration, meaning you can continue to communicate in your Slack workspace and bring in this new tool to enhance team connectivity. It’s called Mind Map Pro, and it starts with a blank canvas where you can mind map ideas. You start adding ideas and notice you find mind mapping therapeutic. You make a note to tell HR that this could be great for mindfulness and could improve productivity through positively impacting employee wellbeing.

After creating a team, you invite your colleagues. You send a message in chat explaining that you are going to map out your project, asking them to join you. Together, you collaborate, with every move updated visually in real time across all devices. It’s totally transparent. You finally feel connected.

In a matter of minutes your entire project is mapped out visually, but you don’t stop there. It feels natural to keep adding new ideas, to continue thinking outside of the box. You take a second to review your work. These ideas are strong. You’ve unleashed something here… a new layer of creativity. You’re excited.

Diving into each idea, you add notes and media. You add depth. Then you spot it. Tasks.

You can’t help but think: “This tool has tasks and a task board? This is going to transform our work processes.”

After adding tasks for each section of your project, you head to your task board, where you set time estimates, priorities and assign tasks to your team members. You organise a sprint, where everyone’s efforts are clearly defined with tasks during a chosen duration of time. You decide on a one-week sprint to maintain focus.

Looking back at the Doodle you created, you realise how effortlessly you renewed and revitalised your project plan.

You’re thinking: “Finally a tool that offers me both structure and freedom.”

It dawns on you. The thought of achieving your goals feels far easier and more realistic than before. Your team are chatting through the system and collaborating live. It’s open, transparent and nobody’s efforts will be wasted. Everyone will be focused and accountable. Everyone will be encouraged to deliver their best. Your creative output will increase. Your team will thrive. We hear you.

Mind Map Pro empowers teamwork, setting your creativity free whilst keeping you on track. With Mind Map Pro, you can Make Ideas Happen.

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