Digital collaboration at CoInnovate using Mind Map Pro

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Mind Map Pro recently partnered with CoInnovate Conference to deliver an enhanced digital experience that helped delegates to collaborate.

The conference organisers streamed live mind mapping of the panel discussions to hundreds of delegates, to provide visualisation of the themes and conversations happening on stage in real time.

Delegates were encouraged to get involved with mind mapping during the popular Collaboration PitStop session, where 5 global challenges facing the technology industry are presented.

Groups during these interactive workshops added their ideas to the mind maps during collective thinking sessions, to crowdsource ideas and come up with innovative solutions to problems, including improving cyber security, creating healthy cities and using magnetic sensors for autonomous systems.

In addition to this, mind maps were created for each of the talks during the day and are available for delegates to refer to as a lasting digital resource.

Throughout the day, connections were made between bright minds in the tech industry, from entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to and academics. The team at Mind Map Pro is excited to help delegates, speakers and organisers continue to develop the ideas that were explored at the event.

Watch this example of how to solve a problem facing the tech issue with a mind map.

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